How To Join

Interested in Joining?

You will need to attend two meetings with a current Martinsburg/Sunrise Rotary member prior to submitting an application.  Once your application is submitted, it will be reviewed by our board and put to a vote before the membership.  You will be notified with the results of the vote.

Membership fees are $187.50 per quarter or $750 per year.

We would love to have you experience Rotary firsthand. Please contact one of our officers to see about joining or send us a message on our Contact Us Page.

Meeting Details: We meet Tuesday mornings, @7:30 am for breakfast, followed by a club meeting and guest speakers and club events from 7:45 to 8:30 am. Our club also meets on pre-scheduled field trips and community service projects.

Meeting Location: Blue Ridge Community and Technical College, Main Campus, Room # 1105 |  Directions


1. Because we are about to eradicate a disease, and you can be a part of it

2. Because you are connected to people who take action

3. Because our Foundation is 100 years strong

4. Because we know all about social networking

5. Because the good you do really does come back to you

6. Because membership just became a lot more flexible

7. Because our work to support peace and end conflict is making the world a better place — one person at a time

8. Because Rotary's scholarships help the best and brightest achieve their goals

9. Because science says Rotarians are happier and healthier

10. Because our future is bright

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